Meet our Franchise Owners

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Meet our Franchise Owners

Please read on to meet some of our Countrywide Signs Franchise Owners and hear their stories. 

Craig & Judith Woodhams

"This opportunity ticked two main boxes for us - it is business-to-business with the ability to develop strong, long term relationships with customers; and we will be able to grow it from the ground up to become a management business. "

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Dean Angel

"The previous franchise owner stored his boards at my in-laws' farm and they passed on the news that he was retiring due to ill-health. He'd been really happy with his business so I knew it was a fantastic opportunity and one not to be missed."

By buying an established business, Dean has the benefit of knowing that it has been run successfully and he's been able to continue the relationships that the previous franchise owner had established.



Terry Hawkins

"Before being introduced to Countrywide Signs I hadn't known that much about franchise businesses," Terry continues, "but when I discovered the existing territory owner for Colchester was looking to sell, we were introduced and started the process.
I've lived in Colchester all my life so it was a great fit."

Former self-employed lorry driver Terry Hawkins is used to putting in the hours on the road, but when transport legislation forced a career change and a Countrywide Signs franchise came up for resale in his area, a great new opportunity presented itself that perfectly matched his skills and work ethic.



Brian and Teresa Meakin

“As we bought an established territory, we’ve been focusing on the contracts we had but are now starting to market the business locally and quickly got several strong leads which we hope to convert shortly,”

Six months in, the family has one van on the road and another they plan to put into action in the next few months.  Their territory covers a large area of Derbyshire including Derby, Burton upon Trent and Ashby-de-la-Zouch, and it has plenty of potential to grow



Mark Garfield

“If people aren’t selling houses, people are renting them – so the housing market always needs a board service. So when I came across the Countrywide franchise resale in May and saw that it was in the Nottingham area where I live, it ticked all the right boxes.”
It’s been a varied and interesting journey that brought Mark Garfield to Countrywide Signs. Previous careers included life on the road as a multi-drop delivery driver and, more recently, a spell working in a local prison, teaching NVQ courses in horticulture to inmates as part of their rehabilitation programme.

Carl Parsons

“I’d spent 25 years with McDonald’s.  But I’d become a bit tired of running a business that relied heavily on other people. I wanted a fresh opportunity I could build on my own but with a proven track record. Countrywide Signs was that opportunity. ”
After deciding he wanted more freedom and more control of his life, Carl began the search for a new franchise that he could run in his local area, Corby.



Peter Scott

“I came across Countrywide Signs after searching the bfa website. I instantly felt more at ease and comfortable with their business model and the people involved. I made contact and got things rolling.  From there, I’ve not looked back!
As a Director of three separate companies for 7 years, nobody could ever accuse Peter Scott of being lazy! But when he was no longer getting the job satisfaction he needed, he began looking for a new challenge.


Sandra Snelling

“Coming from teaching I wouldn’t possibly have considered starting my own business if not for the family connection. Whilst it has been challenging the support has been great, both from head office and the other franchise owners and I am loving the experience. I would recommend anyone to at least look into it – and to dare to step outside your comfort zone.”

Sandra now runs the business day to day, although not erecting the boards herself, she manages a growing team of sign erectors and contractors.



Trevor Smith

“The Countrywide Signs franchise is tried and tested and members of the network are running very successful businesses. I looked at opportunities offered by Countrywide Signs’ competitors and they just didn’t compare.”

Trevor Smith was looking for a career change that would enable him to get out and about again and realise a dream to be his own boss.



David Hughes

“A friend suggested I consider franchising and Countrywide Signs appealed to me because it’s a simple yet highly successful business model. It seemed a much better proposition than other opportunities I looked at and I was very impressed with the franchisee testimonials I read.”

Looking for a more secure and exciting future, David Hughes decided to choose Countrywide Signs.




Alan Edmonds

“I chose to take on a franchise because it gave me a proven route to becoming my own boss. After working for 12 years with one company I felt that I could really benefit from the support and backing Countrywide Signs provide, especially in the start-up process.”

At the beginning of 2012, Alan Edmonds started his Countrywide Signs company in Leeds, promising estate and letting agents a hassle-free and pleasant experience.



Jim Stevenson

"I was looking for an opportunity that had a lot of growth potential and after doing a lot of research into different types of franchises; Countrywide Signs was the one for me. Having bought the Edinburgh Central franchise, I hope to invest in another territory in the near future and build a multi-van muti-territory business."

When Jim was made redundant he discovered his perfect business opportunity in Countrywide Signs.

William (Bill) Allan

"Investing in Countrywide Signs was a lot less daunting than the prospect of setting up my own business. What really appealed to me about Countrywide Signs was that they are a van based company and the fact that I could take control of my workload."
After 20 years in retail management, William Allan was ready for a change of direction.

Sean Sowley

"I already had 3 years of franchising behind me so I knew that this is what I wanted to do, it was just a case of finding the right business for me. I came to know about Countrywide Signs through an associate and chose them simply because they were the best option, in my opinion."
Sean understood franchising; he just needed to find the right one.

Jamie Cook

What attracted me to Countrywide Signs initially was that they came highly recommended by my brother who works with lots of franchises. After researching them myself and meeting with the directors I was given the confidence and the help to take the step I’d been thinking about for so long."
Having worked in the marine industry for 6 years, Jamie Cook felt his career wasn’t progressing how he wanted it to. 


Russell (Cass) Clay

“During my 40 years in the catering industry, I ran my own pub, was a general manger and a site director. There   came a point where I felt that I had completed this part of my life. The unsociable hours played a huge part in my decision to change careers and Countrywide Signs provided a great opportunity for me to start my own business, with the advantage of having time to spend with my family."

Cass already knew that becoming a franchise owner was what he wanted to do.





  Gary Whydell

 “Having spent the last twenty-four years in the printing industry I finally decided to chase my dream of working for myself.  I chose Countrywide Signs because it is such a simple concept, a very professional organisation and you don’t need to invest in premises or stock making the start up really easy.”

Gary has lived in Grimsby for twenty-two years with his wife Debby. 





John Lynch

John Lynch Countrywide Signs Ireland

"I would say to anyone thinking of becoming a franchise owner this is a fantastic business which gives you time to enjoy life."

John Lynch, Countrywide Signs Master Franchise Owner for the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, is working to secure the companies market leading status by landing national contracts to drive the network forwards.


Tyler Smith Countrywide Signs Franchisee




Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams Countrywide Signs Franchisee

 "My[object Object] business on track to generate well in excess of £225,000 this year, with the high profit margins I was looking for as well as being flexible. This is the perfect franchise for those who are hard working and want a business that is reliable and easy to run."

Already experienced in running his own business Anthony Williams decided to become a Countrywide Signs franchisee as it provided the brand recognition he wanted. Four years later and he has plans to expand his business again.



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James and Jane Bickerstaff

James and Jane Bickerstaff Countrywide Signs Franchisees

“This franchise would suit someone who likes to be busy and enjoys a challenge. This isn’t a nine-to-five job, however what you put in you do get out at the end, which has enabled us to achieve the success our hard work deserves.”

Even though Countrywide Signs franchisees James and Jane Bickerstaff started their business eight years ago, they still find that every day is different and interesting.



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Martin and Angela Attwood

Countrywide Signs franchisee Martin and Angela Attwood

 “Running your own business is satisfying both in terms of income and knowing you are in control of your destiny. I would highly recommend a Countrywide Signs franchise to anyone who enjoys working outdoors and wants to be the master of their own destiny.”

A decade on from launching their business and franchisees Martin and Angela Attwood are thriving, with their Countrywide Signs franchise generating a six-figure turnover.


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Tim Mason

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 "I’m aiming to achieve a first year turnover of £50,000 and I’ve got a clear plan of how I want to develop my business. I know my area will easily have the work to support this.”

Although Countrywide Signs franchisee Tim Mason launched his business less than a year ago, he already has clear plans for its future.




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Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith Countrywide Signs Franchisee

"For me, the Countrywide Signs franchise has provided an opportunity to work in a business where I am out and about working with people, rather than chained to a desk. For my father, the prospect of building a substantial business through marketing and providing a professional service was the key attraction."

Both Tyler and his father are achieving their goals with the Countrywide Signs franchise, the perfect team!



Tyler Smith Countrywide Signs Franchisee




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