Management Team

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Management Team

Countrywide Signs is a unique business in that the management team is made up of the company's most successful franchisees.  Yes you read that correctly, the entire management team is made up of the top performing franchisees, each having built up their own highly successful local Countrywide Signs office.

This puts the business in a very strong position.  The motivation of the Board of Directors is to focus on improving the business for a common goal to remain the market leading estate agent sign board erection and management company.

Meet the management team:

Tony Williams Countrywide Signs

Tony Williams
Managing Director
12 years as Managing Director of his own security company and 16 years as Countrywide Signs Franchisee and Managing Director.

Simon Smith Countrywide Signs Simon Smith
National Franchise Manager
A wealth of experience in sales & marketing, Nationally and Internationally.  Simon adapted these skills as a Countrywide Signs Franchisee before joining the Management Team.
Ian Turnball Countrywide Signs Ian Turnball
Franchise Manager
14 Years as a Franchisee of a draught proofing company and 19 years as a Countrywide Signs Franchisee and Operations Manager.
Countrywide Signs Ireland Master Franchisee John Lynch John Lynch
Franchise Manager and Master Franchise Owner (Ireland & Northern Ireland)
12 Years as Sales Director in the photographic industry and 6 years as a Countrywide Signs Franchisee and National Sales Manager before becoming the Master Franchise Owner for Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Countrywide Signs Ireland Master Franchisee John Lynch Martin Attwood
Franchise Manager
As one of the Franchise Managers my role is to drive the development of the national network, supporting our franchise owners and their local Countrywide Signs businesses.


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