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Environmental Policy

At Countrywide Signs we take our responsibility towards minimising our impact upon the environment seriously. Sign boards are made of correx plastic which is non-biodegradable and has a life span of approximately 500 years. Currently around 85% of the millions of boards used each year end up in landfill sites across the country.

To vastly reduce the number of signs ending up in landfill Countrywide Signs has formed a unique partnership with Sold on Recycling Ltd, which provides a nationwide collection and recycling service for sign boards. At Countrywide Signs we believe that this is a significant step forward and are proud to be leading the way for the rest of the sign board industry.

Tony Williams of Countrywide Signs says, "Countrywide Signs intends to lead the field in environmental ,waste and responsibility to legislation, there is no other board erecting company making such a commitment at present”

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